Collecting payments for student admissions and applications is simple with DreamApply.

Have all invoices instantly created


The invoicing feature includes a straightforward system where invoices are instantly created based on data entered for the corresponding input (such as student name, tuition fees, due date, etc.).

Once payment is received, the invoice is automatically marked as ‘collected’. You can also create specific administrator credentials that only allow invoicing system access. These enable individuals to issue and mark payments as collected.

Invoice statuses are color-coded for easy segmentation. Additionally, you can also keep track of unpaid invoices in specific reports.

Collect payments via major providers


Payment gateways include automated interfaces your university can use to collect payments. Integrations are provided with five major providers: PayPal, Flywire, Mollie,, and SimplePay.

Thanks to the DreamApply finance feature payment gateway functionality, transfers occur through one of the selected providers listed above. Meanwhile, the data is stored on your university’s DreamApply system.

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