GDPR sub-processors

DreamApply List of Subprocessors

What is a Subprocessor?

In order to provide our Services, DreamApply engages the Subprocessors listed in the tables below.

A Subprocessor is a third-party engaged by DreamApply, and its applicable Affiliates, to process Customer Data.

Terms used herein are defined in DreamApply’s Data Processing Addendum.

List of Third-Party Subprocessors

Below is the list of DreamApply Subprocessors and how we use their services.

Last updated: July 26, 2023


We use these Subprocessors for hosting and running our services. These are third parties that store and process data within our service.

Subprocessor Purpose of Processing Location Data  Processing  Location
AWS (Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL) Primary Server/Data Hosting Global (Luxembourg/USA) France (EU)
Google (Google Cloud EMEA Limited) Disaster Recovery/BackupData Hosting Global (Ireland/USA) Hamina, Finland (EU)


We use these Subprocessors to help us manage and provide the Service.

DreamApply List of Subprocessors 2

Subprocessor Purpose of Processing Location Data Processing Location
Cloudflare Content distribution, security, abuse prevention and DNS services Global (Germany/USA) Global (Depending on user connection location)
Datadog Security and application logging Ireland Frankfurt, Germany (EU)
Mailgun Transactional Email Services USA Frankfurt, Germany (EU)

Business Operations

We use these Subprocessors to manage our business and continue providing you services.


Subprocessor Purpose of Processing Location Data Processing Location
Microsoft (Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited) Corporate Email Services, Corporate Authentication Services Ireland Frankfurt, Germany (EU) / Dublin, Ireland (EU)