What is DreamApply

DreamApply is an international Edtech company that offers world-class digital student application and scholarship management solutions to education institutions around the globe.

Made with and for educational institutions


DreamApply is a student admissions management system designed with and for educational institutions.

With its modular approach, you can tailor how DreamApply works for you while improving the student experience.

A prompt customer service wherever you are based is guaranteed for all of our clients.

DreamApply can easily be integrated with many popular tools that support you in further streamlining the application process.

DreamApply has a proven RESTful API that can be used to develop custom integration flows into other solutions, including any proprietary systems that you may be using in your institution.

DreamApply is made with and for educational institutions


DreamApply boosts efficiency and productivity of admissions teams by directly addressing and eliminating pain points in your workflows, delivering streamlined processes and easy-to-use digital solutions for all parties involved, such as applicants, your education partners and of course, staff at your institution.

Our clients experience an average of a 75% increase in applicants over three years. The longer you work with the platform, the better the success rates get.

Actively supportive

In an increasingly competitive landscape for international education, we choose to invest and develop technological solutions driven by our clients’ needs as well as emerging trends, with 70% of incremental innovation projects at DreamApply coming directly from clients’ feedback.

We will be by your side and tailor solutions to fit your reality. Providing training and unrivalled support are essential aspects of who we are. You will have a dedicated account and project manager to support you and your knowledge as a user will be leveraged to continually improve the platform for you.

How it all started?

The company was established in 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia, the world’s most advanced digital society, where Nordic innovation is combined with Estonian creativeness, focus on growth, and a hunger for results.

Why we are doing it?

Our vision is to offer the best student application management platform for higher education institutions and change how millions of people around the globe apply.

So, on one hand we want to help universities to improve & automate their processes so that they could meet the expectations of the applicants (generation Z) and achieve their recruitment goals.
On the other hand, we want to make the process of applying easy and hassle free for millions of applicants and increase their accessibility to (higher) education throughout the world.
In big picture, our goal is to make education accessible globally for millions of applicants by simplifying the whole process.
Lauri Elevant, CTO at DreamApply

Lauri Elevant, CTO

The idea came back in the days when we saw how universities were struggling with their admission processes to offer a good service to their international applicants.

Much of that time was still on paper, and/or there wasn’t a good solution to support the whole process.

And as we had recently created something for our recruitment needs, we decided to improve it and offer it to others based on a SaaS model.
This is how it all began.

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