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How to increase student enrollment with paid search marketing and DreamApply

Jul 8, 2024 | EdTech

While there are many ways applicants discover educational institutions, in 2024, admissions and marketing teams prefer scalable and automatable channels, considering how overloaded they already are. DreamApply’s customizable and user-friendly software provides the perfect solution, helping institutions increase student enrollment by 30% and reduce application processing time by 40%.

In the latest episode of DreamApply’s podcast, EdTech and Pancakes, we dive into one of the most effective marketing strategies used by modern educational institutions – paid search advertising. Our guest Ara Harutyunyan is the co-founder of Ardos Media, a global marketing agency focusing uniquely on paid search and analytics. Ardos Media’s niche expertise has helped numerous institutions optimize their paid search strategies.

Let’s explore some of the tips shared by Ara and put them in the context of student enrollment. Additionally, we’ll see how DreamApply’s CRM enhances the efficiency of your paid search campaigns, making sure all your efforts are centralized to serve your final goal of enrolling students.

How to use paid search marketing for student enrollment

Tap into existing intent

Ara emphasizes the importance of understanding search intent, as a cross-cutting principle. Unlike other forms of advertising, paid search targets users actively seeking information. This relevance leads to higher engagement and conversion rates, as opposed to other ad formats.

Ara explains, “Paid search has been dominant because it aligns with what users are already looking for. Most users are not even aware that they are clicking on an ad.”

Segment your audiences to personalize your ads

Ara reminds us of the importance of personalizing ads and landing pages to match the specific queries of prospective students.

For instance, if an applicant searches for “Master’s programs in Investigative Journalism,” and your ad reflects information about a program on investigative journalism, whereas all other ads are about journalism degrees, you’ll likely receive a much higher click-through rate (CTR).

With DreamApply, you can easily tailor landing pages to match these specific queries, ensuring a seamless user experience from search to application.

Maximize brand awareness through YouTube

YouTube, the second largest search engine, is another valuable platform for educational institutions. Ara suggests using video content to increase brand awareness and engagement.

“Video ads on YouTube can effectively target prospective students, especially when aligned with their interests and search behavior,” he explains.

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