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How IULM doubled application processing speed with DreamApply

Mar 25, 2024 | Case studies

Since 1968, University Institute of Modern Languages has always anticipated trends and adapted to changes, acting as a dynamic force in a constantly evolving system. Incorporating technology to improve their processes, gather data insights and continue to recruit qualified applicants was one of the steps to continue being the educational pioneer. 

For 5 years now, IULM has trusted DreamApply to support their enrollment goals and improve students’ admission experience. We discussed IULM’s experience with Alberto Zannetti, an International Recruitment Officer at IULM. 

At IULM, DreamApply doubled application processing speed, saving administrators’ time and simplifying the process for both administrators and students. 

According to Zannetti, an International Recruitment Officer at IULM, simplifying the processes has become one of the institutional priorities, and with DreamApply they have done exactly that. Having managed applications solely via email prior to implementing DreamApply, they were facing a high volume of requests and a need to centralize information. They needed an immediate solution to address the growth they were facing. 

While searching for different solutions, IULM gravitated to DreamApply since it rose as the most complete software addressing their needs when they initially started looking for solutions. Since 2019, much like the institution, DreamApply has also grown, and our recent new features continue to surprise our clients.  

In 2023 only, we revealed 23 new features, and most recently in 2024, we announced our two-way messaging feature that addresses the needs of modern-day applicants in terms of instant and personalized communication. 

How has DreamApply impacted IULM? 

Zannetti reflects on the last five years of managing applications through DreamApply, finding the following top 3 outcomes of using the software: 

  • 2X speed in the application processing,  
  • great data analysis  
  • and performance report. 

The institution has seen a steady annual growth of applicants, time saved, but also the chance to share data about an application in real-time among the team, which further reduced delays. 

How easy is it to navigate and use DreamApply?  

In IULM’s experience, DreamApply is user-friendly and intuitive. Setting up automation and rules are the only aspects relevant to more experienced users. Nevertheless, with the DreamApply support team and our knowledge base, university staff can learn to become experts as well. 

What is the students’ experience like? 

Zannetti discusses the students’ experience in terms of the easy application process and attractiveness of the university using the platform: 

“The students are happy to create an account and the application can be submitted in less than 30 minutes if you have your documents ready. From our side, we believe that DreamApply is also helping us showcase our academic offers and provides a good business card of the university to applicants.” 

One of the best parts of Zannetti’s experience is the ability to see the results, and he highly recommends it. We concluded our conversation with an impactful statement: 

“DreamApply is the best solution if you are looking for an application management platform.” 

See University live: Apply online! – Università IULM 

About DreamApply 

Founded in 2011 in Estonia, DreamApply is an innovation-driven EdTech organization improving access to education around the globe. DreamApply’s application management software helps more than 300 educational institutions across 40 countries to improve admissions, marketing, financial and other internal processes. 

DreamApply’s easy-to-use and customizable software increases student enrollment by 30% and reduces application processing time by 40%. With features designed with and for educational institutions, and integrations with commonly used systems, DreamApply empowers teams to get more done with less effort. 

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