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University of Pécs: How DreamApply revolutionised the whole process of student recruitment

Mar 6, 2019 | Case studies

The University of Pécs, the oldest university in Hungary, was founded in 1367. Today, the university consists of 10 faculties and nearly 20,000 students making it one of the largest Institutions of Higher Education in Hungary. Among the student population, there are over 4500 international students from over 100 countries. Students choose to study at the University of Pécs because of the teaching, learning, and research quality.

How were things done before DreamApply?
Before DreamApply, the faculties were using separate systems. Most commonly, the application files were collected via e-mails, through which the communication continued. Alternatively, some of the faculties developed IT solutions on their own.

Why did you decide to use DreamApply as your application management system?
After we realized the need for a professional IT solution for handling the inquiries, we researched, contacted other institutions, and made benchmarks to compare the available services. In the end, it was without a doubt. DreamApply is far more developed and ready to use than any other competitor. The implementation was huge work from both sides, and as always, there were some twists and turns, but we could handle everything. The guys at DreamApply were super helpful, and after one year of experience, we can say that DreamApply is fulfilling all our expectations.

How have the results been with DreamApply?
DreamApply can help to revolutionize the whole process of student recruitment. It provides a logical, straightforward path for the applicant and the institution. As the process is easier to understand, there are fewer phone calls and fewer emails from the applicants. But the biggest upside of the platform is the marketing toolset it provides. Now we can work with an enormous amount of data regarding recruitment, which helps us to fine-tune our recruitment strategies for each region and each study program.

See the University of Pécs live:

Péter Árvai

Deputy Director Centre of Internationalization and Connections

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