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The power of online admissions software | How Padua University increased student applications by 400% with DreamApply

May 10, 2024 | Case studies

Established in 1222, the University of Padua is not only one of Europe’s oldest academic institutions but also a place of historical firsts. It’s where Galileo Galilei once taught and where Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia became the world’s first woman to earn a university degree.

In 2019, Padua University embraced a new kind of pioneering spirit by adopting DreamApply’s online admissions software to optimize its student enrollment and admissions management processes. Within just five years, the university witnessed a 400% increase in incoming student applications. To uncover the drivers behind this change, we spoke with Padua’s admissions and recruitment team.

Enhancing admissions: Rosangela Lagpao on using online admissions software at Padua University

Let’s start with Rosangela Lagpao, an International Admissions Officer and Senior Credentials Evaluator at Padua, who has used DreamApply’s online admissions software for not just one, but two universities. Rosangela shares that her team has been able to take informed steps to convert more applicants because the data flow from the software discloses where an applicant is in their admissions journey.

According to Rosangela, DreamApply’s features that allow for customizing admissions offers and personalizing application forms are crucial in attracting students and securing completed applications. She emphasizes the software’s specific benefit in streamlining the admissions process for international applicants. Here is her complete testimony.

Quadrupling applications: Alberto Lazzari on the power of application management software at Padua

Alberto Lazzari, an International Recruitment Officer at Padua University, outlines the key features of DreamApply’s online admissions software that have been instrumental in quadrupling their application numbers:

1. Streamlined application management

DreamApply simplifies the application process from A to Z, making it easier to manage higher volumes of applications and follow the students throughout their application journey, embodying an efficient online admissions system.

2. Enhanced internationalization

The platform supports the university’s strategic goal to boost international student numbers and diversify the student body, acting as a comprehensive student enrollment system.

3. Data-driven marketing 

The admissions software provides tools to track and analyze where applicants are coming from and the effectiveness of various marketing channels.

4. Integrated communication tools

The system integrates seamlessly with other marketing tools, enhancing outreach and engagement through personalized communications, showcasing the robust capabilities of an application management system. Let’s hear it directly from Alberto.

Streamlining success: Inside Padua University’s adoption of a student enrollment system

“I meet a lot of colleagues at international events and we often discuss our processes and the systems we use. I always share how DreamApply has supported our growth and improved our operations substantially… because of how much we are able to track, we know where the applications are coming from, how the applicants are responding to our procedural changes and how we can adapt”, says Alberto.

Rosangela and Alberto also share how being able to streamline their communication with applicants and manage applications in bulk has eased their work. Finally, they appreciate being able to send automated reminders to guide applicants to enrollment. Learn more by watching Rosangela and Alberto’s conversation.

About DreamApply 

Founded in 2011 in Estonia, DreamApply is an innovation-driven EdTech organization improving access to education around the globe. DreamApply’s application management software helps more than 300 educational institutions across 40 countries to improve admissions, marketing, financial and other internal processes. 

DreamApply’s easy-to-use and customizable software increases student enrollment by 30% and reduces application processing time by 40%. With features designed with and for educational institutions, and integrations with commonly used systems, DreamApply empowers teams to get more done with less effort. 

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