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Helsinki Summer School: How DreamApply simplified funnel management

Jan 4, 2019 | Case studies

Helsinki Summer School is organized annually in August by the University of Helsinki. It is an international Summer School offering courses covering various academic fields and multidisciplinary topics.

How were things done before DreamApply?
Before DreamApply, we used an online form creator to build an application for our summer school students. The form was connected to both our database and e-mail systems.

Why did you decide to use DreamApply as your application management system?
Our previous database system, made by our in-house team, was discontinued, and as our needs became more complex and diverse, we decided to upgrade our entire system with an outside resource. We had to find a new way to handle the Summer School applications and the course applications from the teachers. After reviewing several options, we found DreamApply to be our best solution. We’ve been pleased since making the change. It has been delivered upon our needs and wants.

How have the results been with DreamApply?
We use the system to organize both a course proposal and student application round, including student selections. With DreamApply, handling applications is quick and easy, and communication with student applicants has been automatized. Course coordinators (teachers) can quickly review student applications in DreamApply. Coordinators will receive a notification by email once a new application has been flagged for them to review.

DreamApply has provided tracking, simplifying our ability to manage at every funnel stage (from a first-page visit to enrolment), allowing us to prioritize and focus our marketing efforts.

How would you describe DreamApply’s configuration, usability, and support?
From the beginning, it has been straightforward and stress-free. Configuration was quick and thorough, and updating the system for annual application rounds was relatively easy. While minimally needed, the Client Happiness team always supports us responsively and attentively.

We’re very satisfied with the DreamApply system; it works very well for our purposes. We’re happy to recommend the Dream Apply system to any Summer School.

See Helsinki Summer School live:

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